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New York (2009)

New York (2009)
In this Hindi-language film, John Abraham, Katrina Kaif, and Neil Nitin Mukesh star as three friends living in New York City at the turn of the 21st century. Their lives are carefree until the events of September 11, 2001, change everything they know. Directed by Kabir Khan (KABUL EXPRESS), NEW YORK also stars celebrated Bollywood actor Irrfan.

Kambakkht Ishq

Kambakkht Ishq
Viraj, a stuntman in Hollywood lives by his belief that women are only good for making love while Simrita, a model with a sardonic tongue believes there's no such thing as love. They hate each other to the core but meet at Simrita's best friend and Viraj's brother's wedding -- a wedding that both are violently opposed to and desperate to stop. Sparks fly, accidents occur, and both are thrown together in the most absurd, hilarious situations until one dramatic twist of fate binds them together.

Om Mangalam

Lakh Lakh


Kambakht Ishq


Om Mangalam - Reprise

Lakh Lakh - Electro Dhol House Mix

Bebo - Club Mix

Kambakht Ishq - Remix


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Aditya (Shahid Kapur), a beat industrialist, is even more broken as the girl he likes is get married. Unable to muster all the can to return home, he drifts out of the gathering and training a board aimlessly, bounding away into the night. As destiny would have it, on the train he meets Geet (Kareena Kapoor) - a beautiful but annoyingly talkative girl who is leaving Mumbai to go her hometown - Bhatinda (Punjab). Then, she has plans of eloping with his son. Geet irritates Aditya to get by when he left the train. As she tries to get him back on the train, she ends up missing it and the two find yourself stranded on a desolate station with no luggage or money. Idyllic begin the journey through the exuberant North India, in the heartland that will retail for a couple their way through buses and taxis and Camel-cart, through the desert and students and the lake, a of all types of people, to reach her house in Punjab. Date, Geet wrong family's love for two. Before this misconception can be removed, Geet escapes to her boyfriend in Manali. Aditya leaves with her, confirmed the suspicion that they are loved. In Manali, Aditya feels right to return to Mumbai and resurrect ailing its business. Life will actively start Aditya turn and to do good. One day Geet's family who think she is, he confronts Aditya. He is shocked to learn that Geet has not return home. He lost it when to find her. He finally tracked her down in a Himalayan town and begins a journey to reach Bhatinda and flow into the colors and conceptions of a loud North India, happy family! Their own how to become one of the journeys, forms the destination of Jab WE LEU, a beautiful and captivating saga of made-for-each-other love. Lilting, musical, amusing and packed with mischievous contrivances - Breezy fill this interesting romantic comedy set in cultural North India looks like it is ready to reproduce the magical age of 90, in the form of Aditya and Geet, being essayed by real-life lovebirds, Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor.

  • Aao Milo Chalo - Shaan .mp3

  • Aaoge Jab Tum - Ustad Rashid Khan .mp3

  • Mauja Hi Mauja - Labh Janjua .mp3

  • Mauja Hi Mauja [Remix] - Mika Singh .mp3

  • Nagada Nagada - Sonu Nigam .mp3

  • Tum Se Hi - Mohit Chouhan .mp3

  • Tum Se Hi [Instrumental] - Mohit Chouhan .mp3

  • Tum Se Hi [Remix] - Mohit Chouhan .mp3

  • Ye Ishq Hai - Shreya Ghosal .mp3

  • Ye Ishq Hai [Remix] - Antara Mitra .mp3
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    Today's my BIRTHDAY

    A message for everyone, make the most of toady and live life like there is no tomorrow. Kal Ho Na Ho....**BE HAPPY FOREVER**

    Thursday, May 21, 2009

    Jagjit Singh

    Jagjit Singh - Inteha (2009) Indian Ghazal Album Mp3

    The Vice-Chancellor of Punjab University and Kurukshetra University, Late Professor Suraj Bhan encouraged his interest in music. He arrived in Mumbai in 1965 in search of better opportunities for being a musician and singer. His early struggle in the music industry, though not too harsh by his own account, still had its share of trials and tribulations. He lived as a paying guest and his earlier assignments were singing advertisement jingles or performing at weddings and parties.
    Jagjit Singh is accredited with bringing the ghazal genre, which was previously restricted to the elite classes, to the masses. His music direction can be seen to be pioneering in changing the sound layout by adding more Western instruments while mostly retaining the traditional orchestra (which includes a tablaa, dholak, bongos, sitar, sarod, santoor, flute, and harmonium, and a couple of string instruments]. Jagjit Singh is also nicknamed Ghazaljeet Singh.

    (Direct Download MP3 Links)


    1- Din Dooba Tum Yaad Aaye (5:37)
    Lyricist : Naseem Ajmeri

    2- Aaina Saamne Rakhoge To Yaad Aayonga (5:30)
    Lyricist: Rajinder Rahbar

    3- Inteha Aaj Ishq Ki Kardi (5:30)
    Lyricist: Payyam Sayeedi

    4- Khoobh Nibhegi Hum Dono Mein (6:17)
    Lyricist : Faragh Rushvi

    5- Door Talak Veerana (6:44)
    Lyricist: Amjad izlam Amjad

    6- Manzilein Kya Hai Raasta Kya hai (5:11)
    Lyricist: Aalok Shrivastav

    7- Aap Ke Dil Ne Humein Awaaz Di (5:55)
    Lyricist : Payyam Sayeedi

    8- Kuch Khona Kuch Paana (5:24)
    Lyricist: Sanjay Massom

    Jagjit Singh - Inteha (Part-1)
    Jagjit Singh - Inteha (Part-2)
    Jagjit Singh - Inteha (Part-3)
    Jagjit Singh - Inteha (Part-4)
    Jagjit Singh - Inteha (Part-5)
    Jagjit Singh - Inteha (Part-6)
    Jagjit Singh - Inteha (Part-7)
    Jagjit Singh - Inteha (Part-8)


    (Direct Download MP3 Links)


    01. Gum Soom Yeh Jahan Hai
    Music : K.L. Sehgal | Lyrics : B.K. Puri

    02. Yun To Guzar Raha Hai
    Music : Roy Venkatraman | Lyrics : Nida Fazli

    03. Honthon Se Chhu Lo Tum
    Music : Jagjit Singh | Lyrics : Indivar

    04. Benaam Sa Ye Dard
    Music : Lalit Sen | Lyrics : Nida Fazli

    05. Hum To Yun Zindagi Se (Ajnabi)
    Music : Jagjit Singh & Chitra Singh | Lyrics : Sudarshan Fakir

    06. Teri Aankhon Se Hi
    Music : Lalit Sen | Lyrics : Nida Fazli

    07. Bahut Khoobsurat
    Music : Vishal Shekhar | Lyrics : Nida Fazli

    08. Uski Baatein To Phool Hon Ja
    Music : Jagjit Singh | Lyrics : Nawaz Deobandi

    09. Ghar Se Nikle The Hausala Karke
    Music : Jagjit Singh | Lyrics : Rajesh Reddy

    10. Na Mohabbat Na Dosti
    Music : Kuldeep Singh | Lyrics : Sudarshan Fakir

    11. Muskurakar Mila Karo Humse
    Music : Jagjit Singh | Lyrics : Ibrahim Ashk

    12. Kanton Se Daaman Uljh
    Music : Jagjit Singh | Lyrics : Payam Saeedi

    13. Kya Bhala Hai Kya Bura Hai
    Music : Jagjit Singh | Lyrics : Akhtar Nazmi

    14. Main Aur Meri Tanhai
    Music : Jagjit Singh | Lyrics : Ali Sardar Jafri

    Jagjit Singh - Ravayaat (2009) (Part-1)

    Jagjit Singh - Ravayaat (2009) (Part-2)

    Jagjit Singh - Ravayaat (2009) (Part-3)

    Jagjit Singh - Ravayaat (2009) (Part-4)

    Jagjit Singh - Ravayaat (2009) (Part-5)

    Jagjit Singh - Ravayaat (2009) (Part-6)

    Jagjit Singh - Ravayaat (2009) (Part-7)

    Jagjit Singh - Ravayaat (2009) (Part-8)

    Jagjit Singh - Ravayaat (2009) (Part-9)

    Jagjit Singh - Ravayaat (2009) (Part-10)

    Jagjit Singh - Ravayaat (2009) (Part-11)

    Jagjit Singh - Ravayaat (2009) (Part-12)

    Jagjit Singh - Ravayaat (2009) (Part-13)

    Jagjit Singh - Ravayaat (2009) (Part-14)

    Ghazals Composed by Jagjit Singh

    There are uncountable successful and top ghazals composed by Jagjit Singh.A handful of them are listed below:-

    * Umr Jalwon mein basar ho
    * Der lagi aane mein tumko
    * Apni aankho ke samundar mein utar jaane de
    * Koi paas aayaa sawere-sawere
    * Apne hothon par sajaana chaahta hoon
    * Meri zindagi kisi aur ki, mere naam ka koi aur hai
    * Apne haathon kee lakeeron mein
    * Sadma to hai mujhe bhi ke tujhse juda hoon main
    * Aadmi aadmi ko kya degaa
    * Haath chhooten bhi to
    * Garaj baras pyaasi dharthi par phir paani de maula
    * Apni marzi se kahan apne safar ke hum hain
    * Ik barahman ne kaha hai
    * Main na hindu na musalmaan mujhe jeene do
    * Kaise kaise haadse sehte rahe
    * Wo jo hum mein tumme qaraar tha
    * Patta-patta boota-boota haal hamaara jaane hai
    * Chak jigar ke see lete hain
    * Main bhool jaaoon tumhe, ab yahi munaasib hai
    * Jaate jaate wo mujhe achchhi nishaani de gaya
    * Shaam se aankh mein namin si hai
    * Tere baare mein jab socha nahin thaa
    * Tere aane ki jab khabar mehke
    * Tamanna fir machal jaaye agar tum milne aa jaao
    * Ab main ration ki kataron mein nazar aata hoon
    * Tujhse milne ki saza denge tere shehar ke log
    * Patthar ke khuda, patthar ke sanam
    * Huzoor aapka bhi ahtraam karta chaloon
    * Din aa gaye sabaab ke aanchal sambhaaliye
    * Gulshan ki faqat phoolon se nahin kaaton se bhi zeenat hoti hai
    * Baat saaqi ki na taali jaayegi
    * Chupke chupke raat din aansoon bahana yaad hai
    * Roshan jamal-e-yaar se hai anjuman tamaam
    * Tera chehra kitna suhaana lagta hai
    * Tum nahin, gham nahin sharaab nahin
    * Sarakti jaaye hain rukh se naqaab aahistaa-aahista
    * Ae khuda ret ke sehra ko samandar kar de
    * Yeh daulat bhi le lo, yeh shohrat bhi le lo
    * Hoshwalo ko khabar
    * Honthon se chhoo lo tum
    * Koi yeh kaise bataye
    * Tere khat
    * Bahut khoobsurat hai
    * Kiska Chehera
    * Kal chodvi ki raat thi
    * Baat niklegi to
    * Der laagi ane mein tumko
    * Main nashe mein hoon
    * Pyar mujhse jo kiya tumne
    * Tera chehera hai aaeene jaisa
    * Chitthi na koi sandesh
    * Tum itna jo muskura rahe ho
    * Jab se kareeb ho kay chale zindagi se hum
    * Koi fariyaad
    * Kahin duur jab din
    * Kehta hai baabul
    * Jhuki jhuki si nazar
    * Tumko dekha to yeh khayal
    * Sehma sehma
    * Yaad kiya dil ne kaha ho tum
    * Aap ko dekh kar
    * Jab samne tum
    * Hazaron khwaishe hai aisi
    * Ya to mit jaaeeye ya mita deejiye
    * Tere aane ki jab khabar mehke
    * woh khat ke purje jala raha tha
    * tum ye kaise khafa ho gaye
    * hum to hai perdes mein desh mein

    Songs for Filmography

    1. Leela (2002)
    2. Sarfarosh (1999)
    3. Khudai (1994)
    4. Billoo Badshah (1989)
    5. Kaanoon Ki Awaaz (1989)
    6. Mirza Ghalib (1988) (TV Serial directed by Gulzar)
    7. Rahi (1987)
    8. Long Da Lishkara (1986)
    9. Ravan (1984)
    10. Arth (1982)
    11. Sitam (1982) (as Jagjit-Chitra)
    12. Prem Geet (1981)


    Hindi Song | Gulaal (2009) MP3

    Dukey, a local leader convinces Ransa to contest college elections. Ransa gets killed by his opponent Kirans brother and Dileep is forced to replace Ransa and wins the elections. Kiran wants to accomplish her political dreams and she tries to get close to Dileep to get the post of General Secretary. Later Dileep resigns from the General Secretary post and is replaced by Kiran, who uses her feminism to get close to Dukey and leaves Dileep who by now is blindly in love and confused with the entire situation...

    (Direct MP3 Links - Right click and choose 'Save Target As')

    1. Aarambh / Piyush Mishra
    2. Aisi Sazaa / Piyush Mishra
    3. Beedo / Swanand Kirkire, Piyush Mishra
    4. Duniya / Shilpa Rao
    5. Raat Ke Musafir / Rekha Bhardwaj
    6. Ranaji / Rekha Bhardwaj
    7. Sheher / Piyush Mishra
    8. Yaara Maula / Rahul Ram, Aushim

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